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KAELBLE Ballast Tractor 凯尔布尔-载重牵引车
KAELBLE Ballast Tractor model in 1/32
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by ccs66 

Kaelble Z6 R2A 100


From 1931 the German Railways (DEUTSCHE REICHSBAHN) ordered about 50 ballast
tractors from the CARL KAELBLE GmbH at Backnang (Wurttemberg) to pull heavy
loads and the Culemeyer – trailers to transport railway-wagons on streets. 

KAELBLE was a manufacturer of street-rollers, trucks and diesel-engines at
Backnang (Germany). Famous were their large dumper-trucks and the
ballast-tractors for heavy haulage.


Photo courtesy of: https://eisenbahnstiftung.de/

The KAELBLE Z6 R2A 100 was delivered from 1937. But nearly ever truck of the
series was a unique piece with more or less small differences to the other

I used pictures and drawings of the truck registered as DR 70057 for the model.
The most important difference to later tractors is the straight cabin. Later
examples have a more rounded shape. Also, the visible tank is different from later
trucks. The DR 70055 on the picture is very similar.

Other Z6 R2A 100 were used until the 1960s by the DEUTSCHE BUNDESBAHN. I do not
know what happened to DR 70057 during the war. Also the German Army used the
type during WWII.


Please note that the pictures not always show the latest version of the parts. Some small changes were made after making the of the first model and the screen-shots.


The files contain parts to print an optional motor. If the side-panels are
glued, the motor becomes invisible. I suggest not to glue the side-panels when
the model is built with motor.

How to print:

The body parts can be printed with the filament of your choice. The tires should
be printed with a flexible filament e.g., TPU. There are two types of
headlights: A simple type to print in any filament in one piece. At the other
version, the lens is separated. It should be printed in a transparent material.


Nearly all parts are designed to print with support “touch buildplate” only.
Only the cab should be printed with “Support Everywhere” due to the windows.



Probably the Reichsbahn used "iron grey" RAL 7011. I used a brighter grey for my model which can be also seen on historic pictures. I used red for the frame and the winch. The only thing I know, is that these parts were painted different from the body. Red is at least possible, The original painting of the motor is also unknown for me. Pictures show grey-brown, blue and light-grey engines.


Decals for lettering the truck as “DEUTSCHE REICHSBAHN” are in the files. The
large decals should be printed on transparent foil. The license plates and the
Reichsbahn-eagles are designed for white transfer-foil.


Windows are not included. I don’t know a way to print really transparent windows
with a FDM printer. I suggest cutting windows from a transparent material. I
enclosed a drawing of the windows in the files.

Additional parts needed:

  • 3mm shafts (steel or brass) for the wheel-axles:

    • Front shaft: 63mm

    • Rear shaft (2x): 67 mm

  • Transparent foil for the windows.

  • Hard wire to make the gear lever.

More information’s:

About KAELBLE: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaelble (German)

About the Culemeyer - system and the tractors:http://www.rswe.de/index_html_files/Fluegelrad%20Sonderausgabe%2002%202017.pdf (German)

Some pictures of later tractors:http://www.kfzderwehrmacht.de/Hauptseite_deutsch/Kraftfahrzeuge/Deutschland/Kaelble/Kaelble_Z_6_W_2_A/kaelble_z_6_w_2_a.html

Print Settings

Printer brand:



All-metal Mega


Doesn't Matter




0.25 nozzle, 0.08 layer



Filament brand:


Filament material: